Catch a Goldfish, Win an Exclusive Weapon! Join the Fishing Frenzy at Cob's Farm

Catch a Goldfish, Win an Exclusive Weapon! Join the Fishing Frenzy at Cob's Farm


A post going over the Goldfish Challenge:

It Starts!

Welcome to the first thrilling challenge in our game - Cob's Farm Golden Fin Challenge! Are you ready to test your fishing skills and win an exclusive reward? Dive into the world of virtual fishing and emerge victorious with an exclusive Goldfish weapon! GoldFish Running

The Challenge Details:

Dive into the sparkling waters of Cob's Farm for a chance to snag the most coveted prize of all - the elusive Goldfish. This isn't just a quest for glory; it's an opportunity to claim an extraordinary weapon. Here's how you can reel in success: GoldFish Catching
  1. Catch the Goldfish: Navigate the waters of Cob's Farm to catch the golden prize.
  2. Claim Your Reward: Upon catwching a Goldfish, you'll be awarded a special token after the snapshot.
  3. Redeem for a Unique Goldfish Weapon: Send your token along with 30 LRC to the Cob's Farm Wallet (instructions will be provided in the token). Within 48 hours, a unique Goldfish weapon will be airdropped directly to you.

Competition End Time:

The fishing frenzy isn’t endless! Mark your calendars: the competition concludes with a snapshot at 8:00 AM CST on Monday, November 20th. Make sure to have your catches by then to be eligible for the reward.

Good News for Early Anglers:

If you've already caught a Goldfish in previous expeditions, you're one step ahead! You're automatically qualified to participate and claim your reward.

Getting Started:

LoopExchange First, equip yourself with a Fishing Pole, available for purchase at LoopExchange. Then, head over to Cob's Farm to find and catch the goldfish. Remember, not all waters contain goldfish so you will have to do your best to find this rare fish.

Fishing Mechanics: Basics

Fishing in Cob's Farm
  • Equipping the Rod: Fishing requires a fishing rod NFT. Find it in your inventory under the Tools section. Note: You can't attack while the rod is equipped.
  • Finding Fishable Water: Fishable tiles are marked with a purple highlight. The cursor changes to a bobber on these tiles.
  • Casting Your Line: Click on the tile to cast your line or use WASD.
  • The Waiting Game: Wait for 6 to 12 seconds, and then a fishing bar will appear, displaying a random fish.
  • Catching the Fish: The fish moves in a set pattern. Your goal is to stop it in the green area of the bar. Miss the mark, and the fish escapes, leaving you empty-handed.

You can find more details on fishing in the LooperLand's Wiki.

Enhance Your Angling: New Fishing Pole Traits!

Fishing Traits Get ready to elevate your fishing game with our latest introduction: innovative traits for fishing poles! These new features are designed to add more thrill and strategy to your fishing adventures:
  1. Double Catch: Ever dreamt of a double bounty? With the 'Double Catch' trait, your pole has the chance to reel in two fish simultaneously. Double the catch, double the excitement!
  2. Upper Hand: Struggling to hit that sweet spot? The 'Upper Hand' trait expands the green catch zone, making it easier to land your fish. Perfect for those challenging catches!
  3. Lucky Lure: Set your sights on the rarest of fish with the 'Lucky' trait. This increases your chances of encountering those elusive, rarer fish species. Who knows what you might discover!

Each of these traits brings a unique edge to your fishing escapades, making every cast a potential story for a legendary catch!

Final Thoughts:

Don't miss this chance to be a part of the Cob's Farm Golden Fin Challenge. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a curious newcomer, this event promises fun, competition, and the thrill of the catch. Grab your rod and join the frenzy today! GoldFish Attack