About Me

Me in Italy


Hello! My name is Jacob. I'm a passionate and dedicated individual who believes in working hard and having fun. I strive to balance my professional aspirations with personal interests and experiences.

Professional Background

My journey began in the food industry, where I learned the importance of hard work, dedication, and service. In 2019, I transitioned to the technology industry, starting as a technical support analyst. Today, I am a software engineer at symplr, where I enjoy a great work-life balance and the company of fantastic colleagues. I'm continuously learning and growing in this ever-evolving field.

Projects and Interests

I am the creator of two passion projects, Maize and Cob's Farm. These ventures provide me with the opportunity to delve into blockchain technology and hone my development skills. My interests are diverse and include blockchain, AI, the stock market, real estate, and philosophy.

In my free time, I enjoy visiting parks and botanical gardens, exploring breweries and wineries, and attending live music events. Sharing these experiences with my wife makes them even more special.

Goals and Vision

I aim to continually expand my knowledge of the world and support others on their journeys. Simplicity is key in my approach to life, and I focus on nurturing my body, mind, and spirit. Looking ahead, I am excited about starting a family and the adventures that lie ahead.

Websites of Interest

I frequently explore various websites to stay updated and inspired in my professional and personal interests. Here are a few of my favorites: