Introducing Alpha Fields: A Deeper Dive into Cob's Farm

Introducing Alpha Fields: A Deeper Dive into Cob's Farm


A post on what Cob's Farm has to offer:


In my last blog post, you got a glimpse into the world of Cob's Farm. For more details, visit Cob's Farm. Today, let's dive deeper into Alpha Fields, an integral part of the Cob's Farm universe that offers something incredibly unique. If you love gaming and believe in the power of community-driven development, read on.

Understanding Alpha Fields

Cob's Farm in Looper Lands

What Is Alpha Fields?

Alpha Fields isn't just a feature or a zone within Cob's Farm; it's the first iteration of the game itself. This is where the tranquil world of farming and the heart-pounding excitement of dungeon battles come to life. It's a live testing ground, providing real-time insights into gameplay elements and mechanics.

The Purpose of Alpha Fields

The primary aim of launching Alpha Fields is to build all the necessary functionalities for the game. It's a crucial phase in the game development process, acting as both a creative and technical proving ground. Here, both I and you, the players, can engage, experiment, and test new ideas to shape the future of Cob's Farm.

The Alpha Fields Experience

In this space, you'll find a rich set of activities that are indicative of what Cob's Farm will eventually offer. Whether you're interested in farming, fishing, commerce, or combat, Alpha Fields serves as a comprehensive preview. Your experiences here will be dynamic, enriched by community interactions and diverse quests.

Access and Ownership


Closed Alpha

Alpha Fields is currently in a closed alpha stage, accessible exclusively to those who own a CobLooper or a weapon from the Cob’s Farm collection. These aren't just in-game assets; they're NFTs on the Loopring blockchain, providing true ownership and investment opportunities. This decision to restrict initial access serves a purpose: it creates an intimate testing environment where only the most dedicated and invested players can explore, give feedback, and influence the development of Cob’s Farm.

Expect more drops to come as we progress.

The Value of NFTs and Loopring Blockchain

Your assets in Cob's Farm are more than just pixels on a screen; they're NFTs minted on the Loopring blockchain. Loopring is a Layer 2 blockchain built on Ethereum, offering Ethereum-equivalent security but with significantly lower transaction costs. This means you have true ownership of unique characters and weapons, which could even appreciate over time. Plus, the NFTs are fully under your control, allowing you to buy, trade, or sell them as you wish.

Your Adventures Await: The Content Roadmap

Floriculture As Alpha Fields grows and evolves, so will your experiences within it. We're not just talking about new activities or features; we're talking about opening entirely new worlds for you to explore and unique characters for you to meet. Here's a taste of the adventures that await you:


  • Fishing: Picture a tranquil lakeside morning where your fishing line dances upon serene waters, home to mysterious and elusive species.
  • Mining: Gear up and plunge into dark caverns; your pickaxe echoing as you uncover rare gems that hold arcane powers.
  • Farming: Feel the soil under your nails as you nurture a small plot of land into a sprawling, bountiful farm.
  • Floriculture: Design a paradise in bloom; each flower you plant contributes to your very own Eden.
  • Map Expansion: Arm yourself for voyages into untamed lands, stretching the boundaries of the known world.


  • Owning Homes: Imagine a cozy retreat that you can call home, where every piece of furniture tells a story.
  • Owning Shops: Be the merchant you've always wanted to be, curating a collection of goods that adventurers can't resist.


  • Dungeons: Brave labyrinthine depths, each step laden with peril but promising untold riches and lore.
  • More Quests: Become entangled in riveting tales that aren't just quests but epics, shaping the world and your place within it.
  • Raids: Prepare for the ultimate thrill as you and your friends strategize to defeat titanic foes, the stakes, and rewards sky-high.

We're laser-focused on ensuring that Alpha Fields remains a dynamic, ever-improving realm, molded by your input and enthusiasm.

Your Role in Alpha Fields

Slime Boss Your involvement is invaluable. The insights and feedback you provide will directly influence the game's development, from small tweaks to significant changes. Because your characters and weapons are NFTs on the Loopring blockchain, your choices and assets truly belong to you, adding an extra layer of significance to your actions. Your input is gold to us.

Share your thoughts and experiences and help us shape the world of Cob's Farm. Want to get started? Join our community discussions on Twitter or Discord.


Alpha Fields is more than just the first chapter of Cob's Farm—it's the gateway to a new kind of gaming experience that blends peaceful farming with thrilling action. Your participation isn't just welcome; it's a key ingredient in refining and evolving this world. So, whether you see yourself as a farmer, a warrior, or a little bit of both, there's a place for you in Alpha Fields. Come join us in bringing this vibrant, player-driven universe to life. Your involvement could make all the difference as we shape this into a game that stands apart. For more information and to join our journey, visit Cob's Farm.