Discover Cob's Farm: The Alpha Origin Airdrop and Your Next Adventure Awaits

Discover Cob's Farm: The Alpha Origin Airdrop and Your Next Adventure Awaits


A post on what the Alpha Origin Airdrop consists of:

What is Cob's Farm?

Cob's Farm is not just another game; it's a labor of love and a reflection of my own interests and gaming adventures. Imagine a world where the tranquil, community-focused life of Animal Crossing intersects with the intense, combat-filled realm of Diablo. That's the magic we're creating with Cob's Farm. Whether you're strolling through vibrant farms, admiring nature, interacting with animated farm animals, or defeating monsters in perilous dungeons, this game offers something for everyone.

Cob's Farm in the Looper Lands Universe

Cob's Farm in Looper Lands Cob's Farm is a unique realm within the expansive world of Looper Lands. To participate in the Alpha Fields phase, you'll need a CobLooper. Once you own one, your wallet can access Alpha Fields with any Looper, as long as a CobLooper is in the same wallet.

Once you've acquired a CobLooper, head to the hillside house located on the middle-south side of Looper Lands' main city to find the portal to Cob's Farm. Look for the house in the above screenshot.

Welcome to Alpha Fields

Cob's Farm in Looper Lands

Alpha Fields is the first stage of our unfolding adventure. This foundational stage serves as a proving ground where we fine-tune gameplay dynamics, implement player feedback, and roll out new features. If you're looking forward to farming, fishing, owning shops, and having your own house, know that these enriching experiences are on our roadmap.

Labor Day Drop Success and What's Next

We're beyond excited to share the latest updates on Cob's Farm: Alpha Fields. Our Labor Day drop was a resounding success, with all 12 characters selling out at 80 LRC each — some even being resold for as high as 169 LRC! With such enthusiasm propelling us forward, we're thrilled to unveil our next major milestone: the Alpha Origin Airdrop.

The Alpha Origin Airdrop: Mystic Maize Vault

Cob's Farm in Looper Lands

Step into the next phase of Cob's Farm with the Alpha Origin Airdrop, featuring our latest innovation, the Mystic Maize Vault. Unlike our previous releases that featured pre-designed characters, this 180 LRC token introduces an element of serendipity. Each Mystic Maize Vault holds a randomized CobLooper character equipped with either an axe or a sword. The range of traits varies in rarity, infusing the drop with an element of excitement and unpredictability.

Key Dates and Logistics

  • Token Availability: 9/10/2023 at 7:41 PM EST
  • Airdrop Event: 9/17/2023 at 7:41 PM EST
  • Token Burn: 9/17/2023 at 7:41 PM EST

Mystic Maize Vaults will be available starting on 9/10 at 7:41 PM EST. The airdrop event is scheduled for 9/17 at 7:41 PM EST. Should all tokens sell out before this date, the airdrop will be expedited. Any remaining unsold tokens will be burned after 9/17 at 7:41 PM EST.

The Spectrum of Traits: A World of Possibilities

Your Mystic Maize Vault contains characters and weapons imbued with a range of traits, adding an element of thrill and surprise to the game. You can view some of the current traits from the Labor Day series.

Exclusivity Crafted for You

We minted only 100 Mystic Maize Vaults. Of these, 95 are earmarked for public sale, while the remaining 5 are set aside for special Twitter giveaways. Owning a Mystic Maize Vault makes you eligible for a unique CobLooper and weapon.

Concluding Thoughts

Your active engagement is not just a part of Cob's Farm; it is the driving force that shapes its future. Whether it's through participating in our airdrops, giving us feedback, or simply exploring the world, your involvement is invaluable. The Alpha Origin Airdrop serves as a cornerstone in this collective journey, marking another significant step towards realizing the game's full potential.

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Special Shoutouts

Meet Veni: The Craftsman of Our World

Veni is the creative force shaping the landscapes and dungeons of Cob's Farm. Working with him has been inspiring. He wants you to know that the animals in Cob's Farm are irresistibly cute and deserving of your utmost respect, and more interactive features like farming and fishing are coming sooner than you think.

Inspirational Nod to Ordinary Adam

Adam's support and map setup skills didn't just assist us; they inspired Cob's Farm's inception.

Special Thanks to the Looper Lands Team

Thanks to balks, smileyphase, and Peteszah for helping integrate Cob's Farm into Looper Lands.