Bring Your Pixel Art to Life in LooperLands

Bring Your Pixel Art to Life in LooperLands


A post on turning your pixel art into LooperLands assets:

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Welcome to the vibrant world of LooperLands, a realm where your creativity can flourish through pixel art! This guide, based on my journey as an avid creator and enthusiast, aims to help you breathe life into your unique 2D assets. Whether you're crafting characters, weapons, or fishing rods, the tools and tips shared here are designed to streamline your creative process.

Overview Process

Become an Official LooperLands Creator

Onboard as a Creator

  • Join the Discord: Start by joining the LooperLands Discord community.
  • Open a Ticket: In the open-a-ticket channel, type /open, click the link, select 'Creator Onboard' as the subject, and press Enter.
  • Reach Out to Peteszah: In your ticket, express your interest in becoming a creator, introduce yourself, and tag @Peteszah.
  • Keep watch but carry on: Monitor your ticket for updates, but don’t hesitate to start creating in the meantime.

Download the Templates

  • Download Link: Access and download the templates here.
  • Templates Overview:
    • Loopers: Sprite sheet (160x288), Frame size (32x32) - perfect for character animations.
    • Weapons: Sprite sheet (240x432), Frame size (48x48) - create diverse weaponry.
    • Fishing Rods: Sprite sheet (240x432), Frame size (48x48), Bobber and inventory item graphic (96x16).

Use these templates as a foundation for your pixel art creations, customizing them to bring your unique ideas to life in the world of LooperLands.

Sprite Layout Overview

The sprite sheets for Loopers, weapons, and Fishing Rods follow a structured layout to represent different states and actions of the characters and tools. Here's the order from top to bottom:

  • Attack Right: The sprite's attacking animation facing right.
  • Walk Right: The sprite's walking animation moving right.
  • Idle Right: The sprite in a standing (idle) pose facing right.
  • Attack Up: The sprite's attacking animation facing upwards.
  • Walk Up: The sprite's walking animation moving up.
  • Idle Up: The sprite in a standing (idle) pose facing upwards.
  • Attack Down: The sprite's attacking animation facing downwards.
  • Walk Down: The sprite's walking animation moving down.
  • Idle Down: The sprite in a standing (idle) pose facing downwards.

For Fishing Rods, replace the 'Attack' animations with 'Casting' to depict the action of casting the fishing line in different directions.

Create Your Sprites

Creating Sprites Creating sprites is a cornerstone of bringing your pixel art to life in LooperLands. I personally use Aseprite for its effectiveness in pixel art creation and sprite management. However, the community uses a diverse range of tools, and I've listed some popular alternatives below for you to explore.

Choosing Your Software

  • Pixel Art Specific Tools:
    • Aseprite (purchase): My personal favorite, offering robust features for pixel art. Visit
    • PixelStudio (free): A versatile tool for Android and Apple users. Ideal for crafting pixel art on the go. Android | Apple.
  • General Tools:
    • Photopea: Great for final touches and scaling item graphics with precision.
    • EZGIF Sprite Cutter: A diverse set of tools that's useful for various sprite creation needs.

Previewing Your Sprites

Creating Sprites Once your sprites are ready, see them in motion:
  • Test Your Sprites: Easily upload your .png files here to view your sprites from all angles and see how they look in action.


Need some guidance? Here are my go-to resources:

  • PixelArt Tutorials: A treasure trove of information for pixel art enthusiasts.
  • AdamCYounis: My personal favorite for in-depth pixel art tutorials.

Generating Your Assets

Single Uploads

For those who are interested in a simpler process of creating and uploading a single sprite to LooperLands, I recommend starting at Step 4 in the Creators-101 guide on Discord. This method is ideal if you're starting out or prefer to focus on single creations.

  • Step 4 in Creators-101: Perfect for single sprite creations and uploads.
  • Ease of Use: Simplified process compared to bulk uploads, ideal for beginners.

The information below, however, is tailored towards those looking to create and upload multiple sprites at once, including making unique 1/1s or generating a variety of sprites.

For BulkUploads: Setting Up Your Sprites in Files

Using Maize

Once your sprites are crafted, it's time to bring them into the LooperLands universe. One of Maize's Premium Features plays a crucial role here, facilitating the generation of profile pictures (PFPs), metadata for minting, and preparing bulk uploads to LooperLands.

  • Folder Structure: Organize your sprite files in folders as per Maize's requirements. This structure is key in determining your NFT's metadata. For detailed guidance, check out the Maize Documentation.

Using Maize for Generation

Maize is a versatile console application that streamlines the creation and integration of your sprites into LooperLands.

  • Multiple Options: Whether you're looking to create a series of similar 1/1s or a range of diverse 1/1s, Maize offers the flexibility needed for your creative vision.
  • Creating Sprites and NFTs: Maize assists in generating sprites, NFTs, metadata, and the necessary bulk upload files for LooperLands.
  • From NFTs to Sprites: If you have pre-minted NFTs, Maize can help convert these into sprites, with metadata properties set up as key-value pairs.

Accessing Maize Premium Features

Maize Premium NFT: To use the 1/1 generation features of Maize, you must have the Maize Premium NFT, which you can purchase for 55 LRC here.

For more insights into Maize's capabilities and how to use it, refer to the documentation.

Minting Your NFTs with Maize

Before you can upload your assets to LooperLands, you need to mint them as NFTs on Loopring. This crucial step turns your digital creations into unique, tradeable assets within the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Minting with Maize: Maize simplifies the minting process. It has already generated the metadata and images from the sprites you've created in the above step. Now you will mint those using Maize. Visit the minting tutorial.
  • Ready for Upload: Once minted, your NFTs are ready to be part of the bulk upload process to LooperLands.

Uploading to LooperLands

Utilizing Discord for Upload

Once Maize has generated your PFPs, metadata, and minted your NFTs, it compiles all necessary files into a ZIP file for bulk upload.

  • BulkUploadFolder: After generation, you'll receive a ZIP file containing everything needed for a bulk upload to LooperLands.
  • Step-by-Step Upload Process: A readme file is included in the ZIP with detailed steps for the upload process. Follow these instructions to seamlessly upload your creations to LooperLands.
  • Asset Submission Fee: Once your assets are submitted, send the asset submission fee to looperlands.loopring.eth.
  • Transaction Confirmation: Post a picture of your transaction in the ⁠looperlands-order-submissions channel on Discord.
  • Queue and Merging: Submissions are typically merged into the game around 8 AM EST each morning. You can view submissions currently in the queue here.

By following these steps and utilizing Maize's capabilities, you can efficiently integrate your creative works into the LooperLands ecosystem, enriching the game with your unique artistic contributions.

Engaging Your Community


Building a strong community is key to the success of any creator in LooperLands. One effective way to engage your audience and show appreciation is through airdropping NFTs.

Airdropping NFTs with Maize

  • Find Your Item Holders: Discover who owns your creations using Maize. This tool helps you identify the holders of your LooperLands items, making it easier to target your airdrops effectively. For more details, check out the Holders from NFT Data tutorial.
  • Reward Your Community: Strengthen your connection with the community by airdropping NFTs to your item holders. This gesture not only rewards their loyalty but also increases the value of your creations. Learn how to airdrop NFTs with Maize here.

Airdropping NFTs allows you to keep your community engaged and excited about your work. It's a powerful tool to acknowledge their support and encourage further interaction with your creations.

Further Help

Embarking on your creative journey in LooperLands should be exciting and seamless. However, if you find yourself needing assistance or have questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach out.

  • Discord Support: Join us on Discord and head to the creators-connect channel. It's a great place to seek advice, share experiences, and get answers from both the community and team members.
  • Connect with Me: For more personalized support or to share your progress, feel free to contact me on my social media platforms. I'm here to help and excited to see what you create!

Remember, asking for help is part of the learning process, and our community is always here to support and inspire.

Final Thoughts

This guide has walked you through the journey of bringing your artistic vision to life in LooperLands. From the initial steps of becoming a creator and minting your NFTs, to the exciting phase of uploading your creations and engaging with your community, each step is designed to streamline your creative process. Remember, tools like Maize are there to handle the technical aspects, allowing you to focus more on your art and less on the complexities of NFT creation and distribution. I hope this guide helps you unlock the full potential of your creativity in LooperLands, enhancing both your artistic expression and community engagement.

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